Happy New Year 2020 from precog


We deeply appreciated your patronage this past year.
We earnestly hope 2020 will be a wonderful year for you, and wish you health and happiness in it.

The year 2019, the first year of the Reiwa era, was one of significant change and development for precog. We relocated our offices to a house in a quiet residential district near Toritsu-Daigaku Station, produced performances by chelfitsch and Okazaki Art Theater in various cities around the world, and involved many new staff members in the year-long True Colors Festival, which will be held continuously until the summer of 2020. This festival is hosted by The Nippon Foundation, which has long offered support for the disabled, and participation in its operation was a new challenge for precog as well. It is an “ultra-diversity” art festival aimed at the emergence of a society that embraces diversity in all respects, including disabilities, sex, age, language, and citizenship. We are making efforts to ensure accessibility so that it can be comfortably enjoyed by an even wider range of people. We are also preparing “True Colors DIALOGUE,” a document theater based on the sex-related stories told by six elderly people from across the country, which will have its debut in March.

The troupe chelfitsch, which continues to update EIZO-Theater, is now hard at work on a new production.In a movement from theaters and to museums, “Eraser Mountain” and “Eraser Forest” display multilayered landscapes that lie in a locus divorced from conventional human criteria and yardsticks.

Yudai Kamisato and his Okazaki Art Theater had their first Tokyo performance of “The Story of Descending the Long Slopes of Valparaiso,” for which he won the Kishida Kunio Drama Award in 2018, and toured Peru and Mexico with “+51 Aviación, San Borja” in December. This year, Kamisato is beginning research for a new piece he intends to debut at the Festival Theaterformen in Germany. 

In collaboration with workshop designer Takashi Usui, YAMABUKI FACTORY also launched CONNELING STUDY, a new project that takes performing arts as “educational materials” and connects the performance and appreciation ends.

We are also recruiting students for the SHIBUYA QWS x Drifters lecture series “RE/CREATION.” This is a school program directed by Akane Nakamura, Representative Director of precog, and takes the form of a project that vaguely motivates its participants through field work and lectures.

Meanwhile, the restaurant born of PUNTO PRECOG in the city of Beppu is taking root in the community while maintaining a loose linkage with PUNTO.

In 2020, we at precog are going to remain fully in action together with others who temporarily work with us at various locations as we go back and forth between grassroots and art, and are counting on your continuing support again this year!


From all of us at precog co., LTD.
Our office will resume operations on January 6 (Mon.), 2020.


◉ January Jejak-旅 Tabi Exchange: Wandering Asian Contemporary Performance 

◉ Friday, February 7 〜 Sunday, February 16
chelfitsch & Teppei Kaneuji “Eraser Forest”
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (Kanazawa/Japan)

◉ Friday & Saturday, February 28 & 29
chelfitsch & Teppei Kaneuji “Eraser Mountain” 
NYU Skirball Center (New York/USA)

◉ Thursday, March 5 ~ Sunday, March 8  
True Colors DIALOGUE Mammalian Diving Reflex / Darren O’Donnell “All the Sex I’ve Ever Had” 
Spiral Hall(Tokyo)

◉ Saturday & Sunday, March 21 & 22
Uthis Haemamool × Toshiki Okada × Yuya Tsukahara “Pratthana – A Portrait of Possession” 
Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz (Berlin/Germany)

◉ Saturday, March 21 〜 Sunday, March 29
chelfitsch “EIZO-Theater”(New Work)
Sapporo Cultural Arts Community Center SCARTS (Sapporo/Japan)

◉ Friday, June 12 〜 Sunday, June 14
chelfitsch & Teppei Kaneuji “Eraser Mountain” 
Wiener Festwochen (Vienna/Austria)

◉Thursday & Friday, June 18 & 19
chelfitsch & Teppei Kaneuji “Eraser Mountain” 
Künstlerhaus Mousonturm (Frankfurt/Germany)

Yudai Kamisato/Okazaki Art Theater “sweet drunk potato map”(provisional)
Festival Theaterformen (Braunschweig/Germany)

 chelfitsch & Teppei Kaneuji “Eraser Forest”  Autumn Tour

True Colors Festival

◉ Saturday, January 4 / Monday January 6 / Wednesday January 8 
True Colors JAZZ The Extra-Ordinary Meets the World Directed by Takashi Matsunaga 
January 4: Billboard Live OSAKA(Osaka),January 6: Blues Alley Japan(Tokyo),January 8: CIB(Kumamoto)

◉Saturday & Sunday, February 15 & 16 
True Colors MUSICAL “HONK! by Phamaly” 
TOKYO TATEMONO Brillia HALL (Toshima Arts and Culture Theatre/Tokyo)

◉ Thursday, March 5 ~ Sunday, March 8  
True Colors DIALOGUE Mammalian Diving Reflex / Darren O’Donnell “All the Sex I’ve Ever Had” 
Spiral Hall(Tokyo)

◉ April True Colors MIX,  True Colors SIGN (TBC) 
◉ May True Colors FASHION,  True Colors CIRCUS
◉ June True Colors THEATRE

◉ Saturday & Sunday, July, 18 & 19 
True Colors CONCERT 

◉ Saturday, February 29 Hot pot Nishida
◉ March〜 We are recruiting new shopkeepers!
Rental free space in Beppu(Oita). It is a small space that you can challenge a new shop! Would you like to try it?

Rental rehearsal studio in Tokyo.
You can do rehearsal, lesson, party and so on!
We are looking forward to see you.

precog Staff
Director Akane Nakamura
Senior Producer Kumi Hiraoka
Chief Producer Tamiko Ouki
Chief Administrator Mai Hyodo, Yuka Morita
Producer Takahumi Sakiyama
Produce Desk Megumi Mizuno, Natsumi Kato, Yuika Kurita, Hitomi Sato
Ticketing Coordinator Yuka Yatsu
Public Relations Shinko Suzuki
Assistant Produce Desk Nanami Endo, Ayano Okawa, Monami Takahata
Administration assistant Minako Iwai, Junko Kanai, Asumi Kitahori, Hiroko Saito, Saki Miwa, Atsushi Yamamura
Intern Haruka Ueda, Yuka Okazawa, Nana Shimojo

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