Masako Yasumoto(2008〜2016)

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About the artist

Yasumoto started her career as a dancer in 1999 and as a choreographer in 2001. Her dance doesn’t depend too much on logic, but with her innate limber body and great instinct, it inspires and stimulates the audience. She has been internationally active, performing in Italy, Seoul, Malaysia and Thailand. She has also been active in choreographing musical and film by a director Suzuki Matsuo and PV of Japanese pop artists Mr. Children and Yo Hitoto. She dances in the concerts of other pop artists, such as Southern All Stars and Ketsumeishi.
Yasumoto’s wide range of her work field makes her unique in the contemporary dance scene. She works not only for stage performances, but also in the fields of music, video and fashion. She had appeared on a cover of magazine”Bijutsu Techo (Arts Handbook)” (December, 2008 with a special feature article about dance), special TV program on WOWOW (2006) and “Top Runner” (NHK, 2008). “Lesson for Leaving Your Heart – insect version” (2004) had
won the National Conference Award at Yokohama Dance Collection. In the same year, “MeMegoto” had won the Outstanding Performance Awards at Dance Bazaar Award sponsored by Tokyo Competition, and in 2006, “Mekura n rakume” had won the Audience Prize at the final round of Toyota Choreography Award.

Main Works: “Fingers Crying at Night” (2003), “Lesson for Leaving Your Heart – insect version” (2004), “NA-Hana HA-Cho – Flower and Melody” (2007), “Chibirudamichiruda” (2008)

“Amazingly detached unique and peculiar sense, in combination with brisk movements and
body, takes us unawares by surprise. I was totally fascinated.” – Asahi Newspaper Review

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Masako Yasumoto Zekkou Waruko
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