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About the artist

Nibroll is a multi-media art collective formed in 1997 by Mikuni Yanaihara. What makes Nibroll unique is that it has not one but many directors in various fields such as choreography, visual art, costume design, lighting, music, and journalism. As the artistic diversity of the members suggests, their performance is best described as an amalgam of concert, play, cinema, and art exhibition. They leave the task of categorization to their audience. While each director continues to explore his/her own art, they together seek to overcome generic compartmentalization to discover new possibilities.

   Nibroll staged Let’s Go to Hayashi’s House as the first of their “Urban Trilogy” at Avignon’s OFF Festival (France) in July, 1999. In 2003, they premiered their second feature The Tokyo Municipal Swimming Pool No.1. Later that year, they consummated their trilogy with No Parking. Nibroll’s first US tour was in 2001. The company was invited to the Oregon Dance Festival and San Francisco’s BUTO Festival. They also participated in the Yokohama Dance Collection, which is a part of Bagnolet International Choreography Contest, where they received The National Advisory Panel Award. With Coffee (2002), they toured around the world (Berlin, Paris, NYC, India and Bangkok among other countries). In 2002, they began experimenting with the idea of “note” in various genres: The Rising Sun Note [fashion show], Note Side B [play], and Note [dance] were developed one after another. Note had its world premiere in 2004 at the invitation of the Laokoon Summer Festival (Hamburg, Germany). Another piece Dry Flower was staged in Yokohama’s Next Dance Festival and later performed at Kitchen in New York.

Conceptually developing Dry Flower in 2005, Nibroll created a piece No Direction, Everyday, which was exhibited at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (2005), and at the Echigo-Tsumari Triennale (2006). For the first time in three years, , they staged the performance “No direction” in Tokyo in 2007. The piece was invited to Arts Festival in Singapore. In 2008, they commemorated their 10th  anniversary with Romeo or Juliet, which won the Best Dance in Japan Dance Forum Award. In the same year, they explored new artistic possibilities by performing while moving back and forth between different exhibition spaces ZAIM in Yokohama. In 2010, they will participate in Aichi Triennale along with various innovative artists from around the world.

<Member Profile>

Mikuni Yanaihara: Choreographer/Dancer
Yanaihara began to dance in high school. Since then, she has won numerous awards for her work, including the NHK Award at a national high school dance competition. Since the founding of Nibroll in 1997, Yanaihara has taken Nibroll to a number of dance festivals such as the Oregon Dance Festival, the San Francisco Butoh Festival, and the Berlin Fusion Festival. She has been critically acclaimed as an original and innovative choreographer.
Keisuke Takahashi: Movie Director/ visual artist
In addition to his work in Nibroll as a visual artist, Takahashi teams up with Yanaihara in their unit “Off Nibroll.” The latter project explores the relationship between body and moving images. He also works in various video productions like commercial, TV programs, and music videos. He has received the 9th Japan Media Arts Festival’ Jury Recommendation as well as the Outstanding Achievement Award in “BIX media competition” within The Graz Art Project.
 SKANK: Musician/Composer
Ever since the production of Dry Flower (2004), Skank has become an essential member of Nibroll. He performs in the band “MEXI.” He usually performs in venues around Tokyo. Skank has actively sought to collaborate with artists in the fields of dance, visual art, and photography in and out of Japan.
<nibroll DVD>
“Nibroll 1997-2004” (2005) Edited by Keisuke Takahashi/Produced by Studio Nibroll.
“ NO DIRECTION” (2007) Edited by Keisuke Takahashi/Produced by Studio Nibroll
“Romeo OR Juliet” (2008) Edited by Keisuke Takahashi/Produced by Studio Nibroll

<off nibroll DVD>
”public=un+public”(2005)Edited by Makoto Hashimoto/Produced by Studio Nibroll

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