Nibroll “Real Reality”

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  • January 23 - 25, 2015
  • Theatre Tram

About the event

Omit the body and expand.

People use technologies that allow them to move as little as possible. I have no quarrel with these technologies, which make life easier for all.

But when the body is omitted to this extent, it is a little unsettling.

Our imagination tries to bring occurrences of the distant past and times from the past or future to the front of our minds, as if they were actually here in the present.

Nevertheless, people cannot even imagine the tragedies of long ago, and cannot share the bodies which experienced them.

We stand at places that are empty, spend time that is not real, listen to voices without speech, and encounter people without bodies.

Death is right before us, unlimited, and decisive. Life is here and now, limited, and with an uncertain future.

The work explores corporality that can be really felt by us who live in an age in which the body is no longer needed.

Ticket information

22nd Nov. on sale!

adv. 3,500yen / student 3,000yen/door 3,800yen


Theatre Tram

4-1-1, Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 154-0004


Jan, 2015

23rd(Fri) 19:30 start

24th(Sat) 14:00 start / 18:00 start

25th(sun) 14:00 start / 18:00 start


Mikuni Yanaihara
Keisuke Takahashi
Set design
Takuya Kamiike
Mihoko Tsurumi, Jun Morii, Fumiko Ishigaki, Emi Oyama
Tomoko Inamura
Lighting Design
Yann Becker

Press release

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