Azumabashi Dance Xing

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About the artist

Organized by Keisuke Sakurai, author of Nishazabu Dance Kyoushitsu, which is called the bible of Japan’s contemporary dance, Azumabashi Dance Crossing is the event that showcases everything of the state-of-the-art phenomena in Japan’s contemporary dance, starting with key figures such as Ko Murobushi and Mika Kurosawa to the stars of this decade Mikuni Yanaihara (Nibroll) and Masako Yasumoto, and also agressively showcases works of up and coming artists such as Huhoudou, Zakuro Yamaga and Pink. Azumabashi doesn’t stop there and pushes the boundaries by introducing artists from other fields such as KATHY, Bokudesu, and Shintai Hyogen Circle from the visual art, and chelfich and Chiten from theatre, and even covers groups who mainly play in the fields of music and warai (gags).

If people may feel that contemporay dance is hard to understand, this event is a good introductoin to it. Like the latest best hits album of contemporary dance, it introduces you to the essence of avant-garde, cutting edge expression in a machine gun assortment of short pieces on the forefront of Japan’s avant-garse performing arts. It’s fun.

Press release

Azumabashi Dance Xing 2011 press release
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