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About the artist

Spectacle in the Farm is a 2-day long arts festival which took place in Nasu Highland, a small town known as a resort in Tochigi prefecture, initiated by three companies – Theatre Products, precog, and gm projects. Performance-based pieces by artists from various artistic genres such as dance, fashion, theater and music were presented in unique venues interspersed throughout the highland including farms, inns, cafes, leisure facilities.
Spectators enjoyed driving around the town with original Nasu Map in their hands, appreciating fully the enchantment of Nasu, and in the course of their “trip” experience, finding “theaters” that casually and momentarily appeared at the corner of the street, in the farm, inns, and cafes.

Involved in this event are highly acclaimed artists including; EGO-WRAPPIN’ AND THE GOSSIP OF JAXX, whose unique music – a fusion of various genres such as jazz, rock, and pop songs – keeps drawing attention in the Japanese music scene, the most notable theater company Faifai which represents the “now” of Japanese young people, and Etsuko Yakushimaru, the vocalist of Soutaiseiriron, a music band which has gained great popularity from young people since its sensational debut. A fashion show by Theatre Products, a fashion brand that represents Tokyo collection known for its high theatricality, took place in the farm co-starred with animals there. The event provided the spectators of such experience that they could only have “right there”, as well as the pleasure to explore the tourist resort Nasu.

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